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October 30, 2017, 9:01 AM


Have you prayed today? Have you looked at your prayer card and taken that to God? 

"God, what is your will for Red Bridge and what do you need us to do and become?" 

Thats one thing, to pray... what follows is the hard part for us: We have to listen. We have to be ready for God to actually tell us what he really wants us to become!!  The prayer we're offering for the rest of the year (every one, every day!) is full of expectation. We have to be ready for God to answer. 

Are you listening?  I rewatched one of my favorite movies this past week, The Prestige, about dueling stage magicians in the early 1900's. I remember someone telling me that exact premise and thinking: "that sounds pretty stupid."  I'm positive, if you havent seen the movie, that you thought the same thing when I told you what it is about. However, all that aside, the movie is fantastic and shows some amazing insight into human nature and how far one will go for vegence. Here's the coolest part: the movie opens with a voice-over that explains EVERYTHING! Until you watch it all the way through though, you miss it and just think you're being set up. Here's the first words: "Are you watching closely?" If we actually were watching closely we would discover what was about to happen and how the movie would end! (hint: it's the birds... they're the big clue). 

If we pray to God for answers and direction, we need to be ready for answers and direction! Be ready!  

Listen to Him

Mark 9: 7 "...This is my dearly loved Son, listen to him."

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