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December 4, 2017, 8:39 AM

O Come Let us Casually Observe Him

Part 1: 

Christmas is a different sort of animal isn't it? 
Some people (you know who you are) gear up for it months and months in advance. There are decorations and an entire industry of these decorations that take in billions of dollars each year. 
Christmas is a big deal.  Now, it is interesting in our group that Christmas has not been such a big deal, which is ok. We’re not tackling that issue right now. But here’s the issue I do want to address: “O, Come Let Us Adore Him.” 

Adore. Worship. Bring the best gifts, celebrate and whoop and holler through the streets in the middle of the night. Adore. 
Because Christ the King is born, here on earth, to redeem all mankind. 

I propose a change of lyrics to suit the Western Church Model: “O, Come let us casually observe him… At regularly scheduled intervals… assuming those times do not interfere with everything else we do around the holidays.” 

Kansas City has a really great zoo. It is especially neato if you live in a couple MO counties, as you get a killer discount. I happen to live in said county, and get a discount. And therefore, we visit the zoo often. We have our favorite animals that we love to stop and see every time we visit. Some of those animals are cute and cuddly and I imagine holding them would be like holding a house pet.  

On the other side of that notion are those animals that are absolutely terrifying and have huge claws or teeth with which to eat tasty morsels like myself.  I am happy to observe those creatures through very thick glass or protected by a literal moat. 

If a crocodile were to get loose near me, you better bet I would be impacted by that development. If I were to be thrust into the midst of the lion’s enclosure, you bet I would be impacted by that.  Which is why I approve of such protective measures to keep me from encountering such life altering situations. 

Maybe you see where I’m going with this. Christmas, and Christ in particular are treated much like we do the dangerous animals at the zoo. We like to visit, maybe even often, and observe his workings and miracles and blessings in the New Testament. We enjoy seeing how awesome his power is and the potential he has to shift the lives of those he encounters. And then we go home having casually observed the workings of God. 

Remove the protective glass between yourself and Jesus and then see what happens. Discover the power he has over YOUR life specifically instead of being content with what was written about him on the conveniently located information plaque on the enclosure in which he is kept. 

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