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Chris Wise

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My story begins deep in space... a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away......... er, Wait a minute.  Thats a different story.  Mine begins a little closer to home!  My family and I have been in Kansas City since late 2012.  We've grown in many ways in our time here, both figuratively and literally.

As Preaching Minister for Red Bridge, my goal is to creatively present the Word of God in a way that retains its challenge and power to evoke changed lives while using humorous, relatable, and relevant language and illustrations.  In simpler words: I want you to remember, relate to, and understand the message God has for you!  

God's story is OUR story, plain and simple.  Every sermon and class is meant to connect us to Him.  I would love to help you discover a deeper, broader, and richer relationship with God.  

Want to know my absolute favoritest section of Scripture in the whole Bible?  I knew you did... its John 21.  Stick around me long enough and I guarantee I'll jump to that when talking about just how much Jesus loves, likes, and needs you!!! (Because he REALLY Loves, Likes, and Needs you!!!)




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  August 2018  
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