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August 1, 2016, 8:03 AM

The biggest hurdle to reaching the world...

Is us.  

Our ego, our pride is the biggest hurdle for the world receiving the Gospel.  Its a hard lesson, but we've been prepping for this moment from the very beginning of The Story.  The Kingdom of God, the kingdom that Jesus was preparing us for in his time here was placed in the hands of the apostles... and it took serious power to overcome their pride and ego.  They were critical of his decisions to go into Samaria, every Jew was.  Peter, even after witnessing firsthand the power of the Holy Spirit and receiving a vision from God that Gentiles are ok, struggles with reaching out to Cornelius and his family. 

After Peter (PETER!!  The cornerstone of the new movement, THE most visible apostle) did this he was dragged before a council to answer for his actions.  Yes, he had to explain himself for responding to God and the Holy Spirit's promptings.  He had to explain that he saw God move in the dogs of Samaria.  While Peter's ego was taken care of (look into his letters later in the New Testament to see the change of his heart!), the majority struggled with the concept of the Gospel being for everyone.    

Are we fighting the same battle?  Yes, the Gospel is for us.  Yes, the entire story was written and acted out for us.  Yes, we have received the gift of Salvation from the Cross.  And yes, so it was our neighbors and enemies.  Across the street, around the corner, on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings... All receive the same gift we have.  

Imagine the impact on the world if we put our own pride aside and went into the corners of our own personal Samaria.  

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